By: Alina Barber | November 19, 2021
When someone says investment, they mean owning a specific asset and hoping that its value will increase over time. It also means making money off of the asset by selling it to a third party. The goal of investing is to generate an income in the future. Getting started with...


By: Alina Barber | September 21, 2021
Cryptocurrency, also known as cryptobank, is a type of computer code that is used for the purpose of enabling secure electronic channels of communication between two or more entities. A typical cryptocoin would have a group of digital currencies that can be traded and stored securely in digital format. A...


By: Alina Barber | November 3, 2021
A tax is a required financial burden or any other sort of levied financial obligation payable by a taxpayer to a governmental entity in return for the payment of tax. Evasion of or refusal to pay tax, and delinquency of payment, is punishable by criminal law. In the United States,...
By: Alina Barber | July 16, 2021