By: Alina Barber | August 29, 2023
Investing in Bitcoin can be an excellent way to generate a high return on investment, but before beginning you must conduct thorough research. First and foremost, find an exchange that offers both security and compliance. Once you've decided the amount you plan on investing, set aside only money that you...


By: Alina Barber | May 18, 2023
Amazon Coins are virtual currencies designed for use on the Amazon Appstore to purchase apps and games, first introduced as currency back in 2013. According to an ad posted by FinTech Magazine, Amazon plans on introducing their own cryptocurrency. They require an experienced product leader for this initiative in order...


By: Alina Barber | November 3, 2021
A tax is a required financial burden or any other sort of levied financial obligation payable by a taxpayer to a governmental entity in return for the payment of tax. Evasion of or refusal to pay tax, and delinquency of payment, is punishable by criminal law. In the United States,...
By: Alina Barber | July 16, 2021