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Kristians Lukstins
Kristians Lukstins BC Road
"StockonDeals is a reliable partner for us. Kasper - my partner, has always been very helpful, by offering interesting goods and also selling our stocks. He is very hard working and is keen to do the best he can. I can give only the best recommendations. Looking forward to doing more business with Kasper in the future."
Alexander Marx
Alexander MarxBSM Fire Equipment
“Been searching for specialised functional clothing. Found it immediately on StockonDeals”
Debora Franks
Debora FranksSales Director, Specialist Group Ltd International
Our brands are the strongest assets our company has. And it is really important that our customers can rely on, and benefit from the value of our brands.
Josef Regner
Josef RegnerITrade Germany
"Using StockonDeals proved to be very convenient for our company. The online marketplace offers a lot of products from various sellers all over Europe. The possibility to access and compare various products from different sellers save us a lot of time. It is also easy to use and the sales team is always helpful."
Mads Halkier
Mads HalkierSika Footwear A/S
“Sika Footwear has already gained valuable business through the ”Marketplace” and we see this platform as an important tool to conquer new international markets.”