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If you want the lowest auto loan rates, it pays to shop around for offers. You can do this online, with traditional banks and credit unions, or lending marketplaces.

Carvana offers both buying and financing experiences; several lenders work closely with Carvana, offering low rates to those with excellent credit.


Finding the best auto loan rates requires shopping around. Competitive financing options can be found both at traditional banks and credit unions as well as online lenders and marketplaces, each with unique eligibility stipulations and rates, some requiring specific insurance coverage as well. Some lenders even provide prequalification without conducting an in-depth credit inquiry, so you can gain a sense of what rates might be approved prior to applying.

Some lenders provide options for both new and used car purchases, while others specialize in specific types of vehicles or lending to specific demographics. Carvana is an excellent solution for people with poor credit looking to purchase used cars from private sellers or dealers; other lenders with competitive auto loan rates include PenFed Credit Union, AUTOPAY and LendingTree; credit unions like Consumers Credit Union or AutoFinance USA may be worth exploring as well as loan marketplaces like OpenRoad Lending that help you compare loan from various lenders all in one convenient place!

Credit score

Credit scores play an integral part in determining loan interest rates, with lower scores leading to higher rates and vice versa; those with excellent credit may even qualify for some of the most affordable car loan interest rates available.

Auto lenders take several factors into consideration when reviewing loan applications, including loan term length and type of vehicle – these can have a dramatic effect on interest rates for your auto loan.

Your auto loan rate is defined by its annual percentage rate (APR), which indicates how much you owe in total when repaying what you borrowed. APR involves complex calculations that take various elements into consideration and it’s essential that you understand its formula when comparing lenders offers.

Loan term

Loan terms, which dictate how long it will take you to repay your debts, play an integral role in identifying the best auto loan rates. Your loan term determines how much interest is charged on it as well as the monthly payment amounts; longer loan terms typically allow buyers to purchase their vehicle with lower monthly payments but often result in paying more overall in interest costs over the life of their loan.

Make sure to shop around before choosing the ideal loan term and lender for you, using prequalification tools available from lenders to get a feel of what rates they can offer and then compare those options with each other. Doing your research could save money and ensure you’re receiving the best possible car loan deal!

Shopping around

Car purchases can be an important financial commitment, so it is wise to shop around for the best loan terms. Rates can differ among lenders, while your credit score plays a vital role in how much interest will accrue – generally lower credit scores will qualify for loans with higher rates of interest.

Shopping around can help you save thousands on a car purchase. For instance, someone with near-prime credit could pay up to $5491 more than someone with super-prime credit for loans of equal loan amount and term.

Credit unions offer more affordable auto loan rates. Being non-profit organizations, they tend to charge lower interest rates than banks while making it easier for those with poor credit to obtain loans.

Capital One offers a convenient car buying experience online that allows customers to shop for new and pre-owned cars from participating dealerships, prequalify for loans without negatively affecting your credit score, and prequalify for auto loans without impacting credit scores.

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