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Investors frequently desire a higher return, yet it is also essential to take into account any risks involved when reviewing investments. Professionals consider both return potential and risk-adjusted returns when reviewing investments.

Small businesses frequently calculate return-on-investment percentages when making decisions regarding marketing or equipment investments, or investments with potential for positive return: Here are some investments with promising ROI potential:.

1. Stocks

Traditionally, stocks have provided higher returns than bonds; however, their gains can be unpredictable. Stocks may experience sudden drops in value in short time periods due to economic events or negative publicity about their company; investing for the long term can help mitigate such losses; diversifying investments helps safeguard against loss and ensures you receive consistent returns regardless of market fluctuations; dividend stocks provide even greater peace of mind!

Bonds typically provide reliable returns and tend to be less risky than stocks; however, their prices can become volatile with rising interest rates and inflation risks, which reduce their purchasing power over time.

2. Bonds

2 percent may seem low compared to returns from higher-risk investments such as stocks or real estate, but when coming from a savings account or federally insured high yield savings account it represents a great return with little risk involved.

Bonds provide steady returns with lower volatility than stocks, making them an attractive option for retirees with long investment horizons looking for reliable returns with lower risk and inflation offset. You can buy individual securities or bond funds or ETFs; laddered bond portfolios are an especially good choice; popular examples are Vanguard Total Bond Fund (VBT). Also check out Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), which offer lower rate of interest yet adjust their principal depending on prevailing inflation rates while you hold them.

3. Real Estate

Real estate investments can be an excellent way to generate long-term profit if purchased properly. Achieving the highest return on your real estate investments depends on various factors, including market conditions and risks involved with owning the property in question. Also important when investing is planning how long to hold onto it for as this could impact returns significantly.

Real estate properties typically generate returns through capital appreciation and rental income; capital appreciation results when the value of a property increases over time while rental income can come from renting it out to tenants.

Private investors frequently assess their return potential using a capitalization rate, calculated by dividing an estate’s net operating income by its acquisition price. While not an exact or thorough method for measuring returns, using this calculation provides a data-driven estimate of an estate’s profitability.

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