Donate your overstock to good purpose

Donate your overstock to a good purpose

Use your overstock to embrace the work of the non-profit organization, Sozialmarkt Wien, helping socially disadvantaged people to have access to good products and better living conditions. StockonDeals has entered cooperation with Sozialmarkt Wien and is now offering the opportunity to donate your overstock through our website.

What is Sozialmarkt Wien?

Sozialmarkt Wien is a Vienna-based non-profit organization providing socially underpriviledged people with the opportunity to buy groceries at bargain prices. 

In Vienna alone there are over 325,000 people with a monthly income of less than 1.100 euros - people who are dependent on organizations like Sozialmarkt Wien to meet their basic daily needs, and improve their living conditions.

Your company, can help Sozialmarkt Wien by donating your overstock. They need products that are easy to store, transport and sell in their stores. Preferably in the following categories:

Do you not have these kind of products, but still want to help?

Do not worry, this project is the first of many international CSR projects of this kind.

At StockonDeals we want to help change the world, one step at a time.

Why should you donate?

How do you donate?

Take action today!

... and be a part of a CSR initiative that matters to real people.

Call our sales team at +45 69 13 81 05 and we will help you get going

Share this project in your network and help us reach wider.

Sozialmarkt Wien's current donators

Christoph Steiner
CEO of Sozialmarkt Wien

"The trans-border collaboration with StockonDeals is an amazing opportunity for Sozialmarkt Wien to get donations in kind and generate business contacts on an international level.

Since many domestic food companies have relocated their production and warehouses to other countries, we heavily depend on new business partnerships in order to be able to continue operations.

We are incredibly thankful to have such a dedicated and generous partner as StockonDeals to passionately support Sozialmarkt Wien!

Together we can make a difference and help socially disadvantaged people."

Stories from Sozialmarkt Wien costumers

"My parents came to Austria as refugees. Since we came to Austria our lives have become a great deal better, but my parents cannot financially support all my five siblings and me.

Without the opportunity to shop at Sozialmarkt Wien, I wouldn’t be able to continue my academic studies and follow my dream to become an architect."

Farid G. 28-year old student

"I loved my job working as teacher, but had to take early retirement to take care of my critically ill husband.

The statutory minimum pension hardly pays the rent – I don’t know, what I would do without the possibility to shop at Sozialmarkt Wien."

Margarethe S., 80-year old retiree

"As a young couple, money is always tight. For us Sozialmarkt Wien is a great relief."

Miriam & Chris W., 32 -year old couple with their 8-months old son Emilio, Miriam is currently on maternity leave, while Chris is working part-time.

The team behind the project

"We are interns and volunteers at StockonDeals, helping with CSR and communication. We all love this project with Sozialmarkt Wien – the feeling of having the chance to help the less fortunate, is simply just amazing!"

Carina Skriver Sehested, Project ManagerStudying B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Lill Christensen, Communication and text Studying M.Sc. International Business Communication at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Kai Færch, Communication and textStudying M.Sc. International Business Communication at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Tobias Simonsen, Communication and textStudying B.Sc. Economics and Business Administration at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Other volunteers:

Pernille Vildsted, Translation of textStudying B. Sc. International Business Communication at Aalborg University, Denmark.

Thomas Holmstrøm, Press photosPhotographer

Maria Cecilia Espina, Donation ServicesBSc, Global Nutrition and Health