Selling with StockonDeals

Putting inventory for sale on StockonDeals is quick, simple and efficient.

The first step is to create an account so you can upload your offers on the platform. You may sign up here.



Registration with StockonDeals is free.

Setting inventory for sale is free.

StockonDeals only collects service fee from sellers for every successful trades (typically 12% of the offer value). 


Creating a new offer

Remember that any product uploaded must be a brand new product. No refurbished or used products allowed.

Any new offer is created in the “Create offer”.

This is a simple 5 step-process, where you add the necessary information on the offer (such as title, description and images). Everything is explained within the process.

If your product offers are within the food and beverage category, it is important that you comply with these conditions.

You can choose exactly the countries where the product should or should not be sold – and thereby avoiding potential channel conflicts.

In this process you also choose if the product is a standard or surplus, which has some relevance to the next section (When something is sold).

A standard product is a product which is within your regular product range (if you are a manufacturer) and where you in most cases can provide a continuous delivery.

A surplus product is a product which has a limited quantity.

Once you have completed this StockonDeals will have a final approval before it goes online. This is to ensure the quality and relevance of the offer.


When something is sold

For the buyer there are two options depending on your uploaded type of product:

> Buying

In this option, the buyer simply buys the given quantity of the given product – and you should consider this a normal order.

This option is primarily related to the standard products.

> Bidding

In this option, the buyer makes a bid on a specific quantity.

You can choose to accept the bid – or reject it if it is below your requested minimum price.

This is primarily related to the overstock products.

You will be informed by mail in both cases.


Shipping and collection of inventory

As StockonDeals only facilitate the trade, it is up to the buyer to secure the collection of any inventory. This is arranged through a direct contact with the seller.

Once your payment has been registered, the buyer will receive details on the seller and specific information about where the inventory is to be collected EXW.

The collection must take place within 10 working days.


Receiving payment

When the inventory is collected, the payment to the seller will be released.

The seller sends an invoice to StockonDeals covering the selling amount with the agreed selling fee deducted. 


Riskfree payment process

StockonDeals offers a riskfree payment proces. Learn more about it in the video below.

Any questions? Send them directly to [email protected]