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We want you to have the best experience possible selling and buying at StockonDeals. Our Policies & Rules are a specification and elaboration of our Terms & Conditions and may change over time. Our Policies & Rules are designed to create a safe and secure marketplace for all StockonDeals members.


1.1. In these Policies & Rules, unless the context requires otherwise:


–  means for each specific lot the Member with the winning bid and the end of the bidding period for that lot, and consequently the buyer of the lot

“Last Day of Delivery”

– means the latest day for Seller to deliver and for Buyer to take delivery of the goods as specified in the listing for the specific goods

“Last Day of Payment”

–  means the latest day for Buyer´s payment of the purchase price as specified in the listing for the specific goods


– means any person or legal entity that has registered with StockonDeals for use of the services


– means for each specific lot the Member offering the lot for sale


– means StockonDeals ApS

Our Policies and Rules refers to our Terms and Conditions.

6. Conditions for selling

The classic auction:

6.1 Seller accepts that all listings are binding offers. Under the listing period when the auction is open for bids the seller cannot withdraw the listed offer.

6.2 Seller accepts that all accepted bids are binding and that Seller and Buyer enter into a legally binding contract and assumes legally binding obligations toward each other.

6.3 StockonDeals will charge a fee of 12% to the seller for withdrawing the listed offer under the listing period unless otherwise explicitly set out in individual conditions between seller and StockonDeals.

The direct trading auction:

6.4 There is no minimum price. When the sale is opened, registered buyers can bid for the inventory. The buyer is free to bid on a smaller amount of lots than listed as the total sale. The seller can choose to accept or reject the bid.

When the “ buy now price” is meet or a bid is accepted by the seller the sale is immediately concluded. If an accepted bid only makes up a part of the auction the system will immediately recalculate the new available amount for sale.

7. Conditions for buying

7.1 The Buyer is able to bid under the minimum price. The bid is binding 7 working days after the auction ends. If the Buyer bids under the minimum price the seller can accept or reject the bid.

8. Sales and Purchase of goods

8.1 The Buyer shall transfer the payment price to StockonDeals no later than 2 working days after the winning bid.

8.2 StockonDeals will immediately instruct the Seller and the Buyer when the payment is received, so the goods can be collected from Seller within 10 working days.

8.3 Seller accepts that payment received by StockonDeals from Buyer will be forwarded to Seller within 10 days after last date of delivery unless StockonDeals has received notice of Seller’s non-performance from Buyer

10. Pricing

10.1 StockonDeals will charge the Buyer a fee of € 15 by late payment and a fee of € 2.000 by default of the payment.

10.2 StockonDeals will charge a fee of 8% to the seller of successfully completed auctions


Updated 22 December 2017

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