How to buy?

Buying inventory on StockonDeals is quick, simple and efficient.

The first step is to create an account so you can see all available offers on the platform. You may sign up here.



Registration with StockonDeals is free.

Buying or bidding is without fees.


Locating the offers

All offers can be found in the section “Offers” located in the menu.

The offers are split into several main and sub categories to make it easier to locate products within a given area of interest. 


Product types

Overall there are two different types of products:

> Standard products

These are products that are sold directly from the brand or manufacturer.

If you are looking for new quality products and the possibility of a continuous delivery at good prices this is the place to be.

> Surplus products

Typically these are products that for any given reason have a limited quantity.

It could be a company’s overstock going for a low price – or a limited edition product.

Great deals are often found within this product type.

Due to the geographical location of your business selection or your provided potential sales countries some offers may be hidden. That may be the case, if any category seems to have a very small selection of products.


Buying options

There are two options in relation to “buying”:

> Buying

With this you – as the word indicates – buy the product directly.

On products with this option prices are visible – and you enter the requested quantity and simply click the buy button.

This is primarily related to the standard products.

> Bidding

For some products there is the option of placing a bid instead of buying directly.

You simply place a bid on a selected quantity and then it is up to the seller to either accept or reject the offer. If your offer does not reach the minimum price or the listed minimum quantity the seller can choose to reject the offer. However, any bid is binding if the seller accepts it. You will be informed by mail in both cases.

This is primarily related to the surplus products.


Paying options

When you have bought a product – or placed a bid, which has been accepted by the seller – an invoice will be sent to you from StockonDeals. The invoice contains all needed information on the deal and must be paid within 2 days.

Stockondeals have the following payment options:

· Credit card (payment made directly on the page)
· PayPal (offered by some sellers and requires to buyer to also have a PayPal-account)
· Bank transfer


Shipping and collection of inventory

As StockonDeals only facilitate the trade, it is up to you as the buyer to secure the collection of any inventory. This is arranged through a direct contact with the seller.

Once your payment has been registered, you will receive details on the seller and specific information about where the inventory is to be collected EXW.

The collection must take place within 10 working days.

Once the collection has been made, you should confirm this to StockonDeals by mail to inform us that everything is in order.


Riskfree payment process

StockonDeals offers a riskfree payment proces. Learn more about it in the video below.

Any questions? Send them directly to [email protected]